In the last 7 years there haven’t been many injury lawyers in Cleveland that were able to resist the charms of Chris Mastriano.   The uber successful Findlaw sales consultant is a big reason why there are 41 current or former FindLaw websites showing up in the Google search results for “Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney”.   Noticeably absent were the two other major national players Justia and Scorpion who had no PI sites in the market.  My company, ilawyermarketing, has never had an Ohio website client, let alone one in Cleveland.  After going through over 200 PI sites in Cleveland and Akron, I didn’t find any national or state level design, but there are still some good looking sites here:.

Cleveland - weissman  #1  Weissman Kennedy & Berris

National Class action law firm that is based in Cleveland.  Conceptual design that is clearly the class of Cleveland.  Does not optimize for local personal injury cases though..


#2  Plevin Gallucci

Some good slider imagery mixes in some great pictures of Cleveland.  A very clean and professional looking PI site.

Cleveland -brown szaller#3 Brown & Sczaller

Decent looking new design.   Firm did a good job adding content but onsite SEO is not very good. elkandelk

#4  Elk & Elk

Long time FindLaw customer has a large family of websites, with geo specific sites for most cities in Ohio.  You can see from above how dated these FindLaw site designs look with their more narrow pixel width.  Does not have the FindLaw logo at the bottom, but retains the FindLaw platform .shtml Cleveland - lowe


A very clean wordpress site and good effort from an unkown designer.

Honorable Mention   CJ advertising site is the most visible PI site in an otherwise weak field.  The design is a bit busy. The content rich site has a page on Ambulette Accidents!   With modern long form design, this content rich site would have made top 5 if it weren’t for the clumsy placement of the video which really takes away from the design    Way too busy for my taste.  It does have very good visibility in the maps and is the FindLaw showcase client in Cleveland   Very well organized and fairly visible former FindLaw site   A nice content rich FindLaw site with good visibility in Cleveland.   The video is a dead giveaway that this was formerly a Foster Web Marketing design  Visually this is not a great design, way too many fonts distract from the design.  But the site has some cool applications on the home page: a claim calculator and a clock counting down the time on your claim.  Very clean chess themed website from FindLaw