I look at a lot of legal websites. Since my days at FindLaw I have been keeping detailed spreadsheets on legal websites from around the country.   I use these spreadsheets to track SEO performance, competitors, design elements and most importantly to help inspire my clients with design ideas.  I think this level of detailed analysis has made me a more effective consultant.  My wife thinks it is further evidence of my obsessive compulsive disorder.  Either way I am happy to share this Obsession with the World, in a new feature I am calling “Top 5 Legal Designs”.   While purely subjective, I am highlighting the top 5 legal designs by practice area, State and major metro.   My goal is to get through all 50 states in the next year.  To view all the Top 5 lists go here.

We are in the midst of a golden age of website design.   No where is that more evident then in the legal field.  With ever increasing competition it is more important than ever for attorneys to stand out .  Studies have shown that the average legal prospect will, on average, look at 5 websites before making a decision to contact.  For most practice areas, great website design is not a luxury it is imperative!

*Full Disclosure*   While I try to be objective when evaluating designs, I am the National Sales Director for www.ilawyermarketing.com.   iLawyermarketing is a small boutique SEO/Design firm located in San Diego.  I joined ilawyermarketing precisely because I think they build some of the most visible and best looking legal sites in the country.  That said this BLOG is not intended as a vehicle to feature our sites or any particular designer’s sites.  The goal of these lists is to highlight the very best looking legal websites irregardless of who built them.

While I try and review every legal website in a given market/practice area, it is a certainty that I will miss some great ones.  These lists are not intended to be static.  I want to update them as I become aware of new and better sites, so please feel free to send me ideas and nominations.


Alex Morris