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A Case Against Mandatory Minimums

Ciccarelli Law Offices recently launched an amazing content piece that helps people visualize the impact of a new proposed mandatory minimum bill in Pennsylvania.  The new law would trigger mandatory…..

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Beautiful New Site Launched in Atlanta

Congrats to the nationally known injury firm, Butler Wooten Peak, on the launch of their beautiful new website.   The new site is HTTPS compliant, features a fantastic responsive design…..

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The Most Dangerous Highways in Florida

This is very interesting.  1point21Interactive in conjunction with Stein Law Miami, just launched a study that shows the most dangerous highways in the State of Florida.   The study looks…..

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Holiday Fatalities in South Carolina

This is pretty cool.   The Hawkins Law Firm in South Carolina recently launched a very cool content piece, showing the most dangerous holidays for accidents.    The still picture…..

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Link Exchanges – AVOID

One of the more shady and outdated tactics and SEO company can engage in is a “tit for tat” link exchange.    My clients get these requests all the time……

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Beautiful New Site released in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia law firm, Anapol Weiss recently released a gorgeous new website.   The new site features incredible video that actually plays in the background of the design.   I…..

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Distracted Driving Accidents in NYC

This is quite cool.   Omrani & Taub released a very cool data visualization on the number of distracted driving cases in New York City.   The numbers are startling…..

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Pedestrian Accidents in DC

The Washington DC injury firm, Trombly Singer, recently launched an interactive map of the pedestrian accidents in Washington DC.   The informative map is getting a ton of attention, having…..

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43 Benefits of a Two Parent Household

The Phoenix Family Law firm of Gillespie Shields & Associates just launched a very interesting content piece on the benefits of growing up in a two person household.  The interactive…..