Best Divorce Sites in NYC

Today I look at the divorce websites in New York City.  NYC is one of the most competitive metros to market family law online.   Perhaps surprisingly the king in the area is Scorpion design.   I counted 36 Scorpion sites in the metro area (Long Island and the 5 boroughs) so I am not even counting “upstate”  Westchester or Rockland County.  (I listed these sites at the end of this post).   I speak to a lot of current or ex-Scorpion clients and one common complaint is the lack of credibility with their exclusivity program.  *Tip:  If you want to find a Scorpion divorce site in your area, just search (aspx “child custody lawyer” + Queens (metro))   This works because every internal page of a Scorpion site ends in .aspx  So by selecting a common sub practice area like child custody – you are sure to get all of the Scorpion family law sites marketing in a given geographic area.



Karl Brodzansky

My favorite Scorpion site in the NYC area


Khan & Yau. PC

A newer design from FindLaw that utilizes the long form design format.


 Eiges & Orgel



Ian S. Mednick


 Richardson Legal PLLC


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