Every week my company gets calls from attorneys who saw that ilawyermarketing was on a list of “best legal SEO” firms or “best legal design” firms.   While we are flattered to be mentioned on these lists, they are often simply marketing gimmicks by one of the companies on the list.  For example this list of top legal SEO firms features three companies I have never heard of – and I have been doing legal SEO for over 12 years.

Since design is very subjective, I think a better way to determine the best legal design companies – is to look at recent designs by each company!   So that is what I have done in this post.  For the past several years I have maintained a database of over 8,000 personal injury websites.   I use the database in a number of ways:

  1. To Track Performance:  For every website in my database, I track the rankings of 8 keywords in 250 markets – giving me an Average Rank Consistency (ARC) score for every site and every legal website company that brands their websites.  I can also compare ARC improvement over time.
  2. To Track Retention:  I also use the database to track retention.  For example there is a legal company that added 11 new PI sites in 2017, but LOST 26 clients over that same period.   Ouch…
  3. To Track Design.  Not every legal website company keeps an up to date portfolio.  This particular BLOG  post will track personal injury designs released between Nov 2016 and Feb 14th, 2018.
  4. To Track Sales:  In order to innovate you need to sell new websites.  Taking a snapshot of new sites is a helpful way of monitoring who is growing and who is not.

Using that database and Web Archive Tool I have put forth all the newer sites released by the main legal marketing companies.   For a company to qualify for inclusion, it had to have at least 10 personal injury sites in the database.  This way attorneys can get a good idea of design capabilities of all the major legal SEO companies.

So why I am sharing these sites with the rest of the World?   Besides being supremely confident that you will find iLawyermarketing to have the best looking designs in the legal field, I think transparency is important.  While not every site is doing SEO, you can look at how these sites perform.   Are they moving up  in the search results or are they invisible?   Are they building secure and responsive sites?  Do the sites load quickly?   Here then are the ilawyermarketing sites released in the past 16 month, followed by all of the sites released by our competitors.

Butler Wooten Peak -Atlanta, GA (xFindLaw)
Anapol Weiss  Philadelphia, PA
Kelley Uustal Fort Lauderdale, FL (x Scorpion)
Panish Shea – Aviation National  (xSLS Consulting)
Walkup Melodia Kelly & Schoenberger – San Francisco, CA  (xFindLaw)
Dallas Hartman – Pittsburgh, PA  (xFindLaw)
Claggett & Sykes – Las Vegas, NV
Stephen W. Shoultz – Dallas, TX (xScorpion)
Henshaw & Henry – San Jose, CA
Williams PA  -Tampa, FL (xFindLaw)
Hawkins Law Firm – Charleston, SC  (xJustia)
Fowler Pickert & Eisenmenger – Kansas City, MO
Waldman & Associates – Pittsburgh, PA  (xPage 1 Solutions)
Killian Davis Richter & Mayle – Grand Junction, CO (xEpic Web Results)
Ragain & Cook – Billings, MT
Rosenbaum & Associates – Philadelphia, PA (xJustia)
Colburn Law Seattle, WA
Jordan Law – Denver, CO (xScorpion)
Powers Injury Law Birmingham, AL
Wendt Law Firm Kansas City, MO
Conchin Cloud & Cole Huntsville, AL
Fiol Law Group Tampa, FL
Fielding Law –  Dallas, TX
Hill Law Firm San Antonio, TX
Bye Goff  – River Falls, WI
Manchin Injury Law – Fairmont, WV (xFindLaw)
Robinson Calcagnie  – Orange County CA (xSLS Consulting)
Bryan & Terrill  – Tulsa, OK  (x Einstein)
Gergen Gergen & Pretto Beaver Dam, WI (xYP)
Zaner Harden Denver, CO
DeWitt Algorri & Algorri Pasadena, CA (xFindLaw)
Goff Law Group – Connecticut
Vince Powers Law – Lincoln, NE  (xBerry)
Harting Simkins & Ryan Long Beach, CA (xFindLaw)
Eric Ratinoff – Wild Fires Napa Valley, CA
Fielding Law Salt Lake City, UT
Cullan & Cullan Phoenix, AZ
Chalik Law Fort Lauderdale, FL (xCustom Legal Marketing).

Every week I speak to lots of attorneys interested in growing their practice.   For a variety of reasons (budget, exclusivity, etc…) we cant work with everyone.  In fact I refer the majority of the leads to other legal companies that I think will best meet their goals and budget.   Below is an alphabetical list of all my competitors and the new injury sites they released in the past year.

WARNING:  With the exception of iLawyermarketing, I am NOT recommending any of the companies below.   This list simply represents new personal injury websites released in the last 16 months, by companies that maintain at least 8 personal injury websites.   While there are some very good companies here that I will refer people too, there many companies listed here that I would Absolutely not recommend -either because of how they pursue rankings (SEO techniques that are against Google’s guidelines), lack of performance, retention or business model issues.   I would encourage any firm interested in upgrading their web presence, to perform their own extensive due dilligence.    If you are interested in iLawyermarketing.com I would be happy to discuss your situation.  I can be reached on my cell 480-889-4216.   If you think I missed your site and you want it included, please alex@ilawyermarketing.com.  Please include your SEO/Design company and the date it was released.  Sites need to have been released between 11/1/2016 and 2/15/2018 to be considered.   Anything after that will be included on next years list.

Accel Marketing Solutions
Underwood & Micklin – Cherry Hill, NJ 
The Vigilante Law Firm
– Mullica Hill, NJ
Shebell & Shebell – Monmouth County, NJ
Andrew S. Maze – Woodbridge, NJ 
Jeff Brody Law
– Kingston, NY
Jonathan D. Sands – New York City, NY
Friedman & Schuman
  – Montgomery County, PA
Trombly Singer – Washington DC

Robert Goldwater – Scottsdale, AZ
Fenster & Cohen – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Robbins Law – Atlanta, GA
Smith Stag – New Orleans, LA
Ransdell Keene – Shreveport, LA
Panzavecchia & Associates – Nassau County, NY
Ed Ryan – Albany, NY
Wood Law Firm – Amarillo, TX
Shaw & Cowart – Austin, TX (xLegal Web Design)

Apricot Law
Siler & Ingber – Long Island, NY
Casey D. Shomo – West Palm Beach, FL
Lane & Lane  – Chicago, IL (xFoster Web Marketing)
Kindley Law Firm San Diego, CA
Haffner Law  Pasadena, CA
J. A Davis & Associates – San Antonio, TX
Calahan Law  – Baton Rouge, LA  (xLaw Firm Marketing 360)
Clark & Clark LLC – New Jersey  (xPage 1 Solutions)

Attorney Marketing Network
Custodio & Dubey, LLP – Los Angeles, CA
Steven Horn Law – Los Angeles, CA
Eldessouky Law – Anaheim, CA
Keith Bregoff – Vero Beach, FL
Marks Law Group – Atlanta, GA
Hance & Srinivasan – Louisville, KY
Samuel I. Kane – Las Cruces, NM
Whittington Law – Manassas, VA

Big VooDoo
Dan Carlton – Orange County, CA
Gervelis Law Firm
– Akron, OH

Black Fin
Henderson Law Santa Rosa, CA
Berkowitz Hanna
Herman Herman & Katz – New Orleans, LA
Shlosman Law Firm – New Orleans, LA (xScorpion)
Paul Benson Law Firm – Janesville, WI
Koonz McKenney Johnson DePaolis & Lightfoot – Washington DC (xAttorneys Online)
The Ruth Law Team – St. Petersburg, FL
Senior Justice Law Firm – Boca Raton FL
John Jones – Bloomington, MN
Blado Kiger Bolan – Tacoma, WA
Jeffrey H. Penneys – Philadelphia, PA

CJ Advertising
Bottaro Law Firm – Providence, RI
Owens & Mulherin – Savannah, GA (xMartindale)

Demas Law Group – Sacramento, CA
www.zlotolaw.com New York City, NY
White & Stradley – Charlotte, NC 
 – Oklahoma City, OK
www.seriouslawyers.com – Birmingham, AL
Lichtenstein Law Group – Charlottesville, VA
www.Gibbonslegal.com – Philadelphia, PA  (xFoster Web)
Payer & Associates – Miami, FL (xJustia)
Buckman & Buckman Sarasota, FL
Hausmann McNally – Milwaukee, WI  (xiLawyerMarketing)
Murphy Law Firm – Baton Rouge, LA  (xFindLaw)

Custom Legal Marketing
MyPhillyLawyer – Philadelphia,  PA (xFindLaw)
Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala – Seattle, WA

DC Moguls
The Law Offices of Robert Finn – Long Beach, CA
Gosanko & O’Halloran – Mercer Island, WA
Lemle Law Group – Los Angeles,  CA

Digital Law Marketing
Yeboah Law Group -Fort Lauderdale, FL
Harris Lowry Manton  -Atlanta, GA
Merkel & Cocke Jackson, MS
Wagner & Wagner Chattanooga, TN
Gainsberg Law PC  Chicago, IL (xDCMoguls)
Plattner Verderame – Phoenix, AZ
Larson Law Firm Minot, ND  (xFuel Web Marketing)
Taylor Ring Los Angeles, CA (xFindLaw)

Kapolchok Law  – Anchorage, AK
Olsen Law Offices – San Diego, CA
Edgar Law Firm – Santa Rosa, CA
Vigil & Alford – Colorado Springs, CO
The Gregory Law Firm – Jacksonville, FL
Saunders Law Group – Bartow, FL
Moody Law Firm – Lakeland, FL
Voorhees Law Firm – Santa Fe, NM
Foley Law Firm – Scranton, PA
Luke Dow – Austin, TX (xUSAttorneys)
Reed & Terry – Sugar Land, TX
The Shelton Law Firm – Houston,  TX
Law Office of Shane Kadlec – Houston, TX
The Spencer Law Firm – San Antonio, TX
Stephen Swain Law – Virginia Beach, VA
Styles Law – Everett, WA (xJustia)
Leahy Law – Tacoma, WA

Elliotts Web
Shane Farnsworth – Delray Beach, FL
Fisher & LaMonica
– Chicago, IL

EMC Advertising
Tiemann Law Firm – Sacramento, CA

Epic Web Results 
Drew Wills – Colorado Springs, CO
Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor – Denver, CO
James H. Guest – Denver, CO
Maggiano, Digirolamo Lizzi PC – Bergen County, NJ
Greenberg, Walden & Grossman – Jersey City, NJ (xFindLaw)
Chandler McNulty – Houston, TX

Esquire Interactive
Bache & Lynch – Tucson, AZ (Redesign)
Ressler & Tesh – Seattle,  WA (Redesign)
Fogelman Law Firm – Newton, MA
Robert E. Frawley – Boston, MA

The Vance Law Firm – Montgomery, AL
Denton & Zachary – Conway, AR
George Arvanitis –  San Bernardino, CA
Burnetti PA – Tampa, FL
Paul Padda – Las Vegas, NV
The Michael Jeffcoat Firm – Columbia, SC
Ashcraft & Gerel – Washington, DC

Marsh Rickard & Bryan – Birmingham, AL (Redesign)
Timothy Casey – Phoenix, AZ
David Shapiro – Scottsdale, AZ
Centauri & Associates – Tucson, AZ
Ciacccio Law – Tucson, AZ
Advocate Law Firm – Irvine, CA (xZola Creative)
Morey & Upton – Costa Mesa, CA  (xScorpion)
Mitchell Law Corporation – San Diego,  CA
Curd Galindo & Smith – Long Beach, CA (xLawsites Pro)
Allred Maroko & Goldberg – Los Angeles, CA  (Redesign)
Vititoe Law Group – Los Angeles, CA
Brenes Law Group – Orange County, CA
Wilcoxen Callaham – Sacramento, CA
Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood & Campora – Sacramento, Ca
Scott Righthand PC – San Francisco, CA (xScorpion)
The Vartazarian Law Firm – Sherman Oaks, CA
Dolan & Zimmerman – Boulder, CO (xKeys Marketing)
Scardina Law – Denver, CO
Mackenzie Law – Denver, CO
Wick & Trautwein – Fort Collins, CO
Brian Toung – Daytona Beach, FL
Paul K. Schrier – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Brannon & Brannon – Ft. Walton Beach, FL (Redesign)
Thompson & Evangelo – Lake County, FL (redesign)
Johnson & Montas – Rockledge, FL  (xClient Prime)
Michael M. Morgan – Sarasota, FL
Greenberg Stone & Urbano – Miami, FL (xJustia)
The Caldarone Law Group – Naples, FL
Rosenthal Levy – West Palm Beach, FL  (xConsult Webs)
Malone Law – Atlanta, GA
Houck Reynolds – Atlanta, GA (redesign)
The Carnell Law Firm – Atlanta, GA
Stone Law Group – Atlanta, GA
Mitchell Shapiro – Atlanta, GA (Redesign)
Timothy O. McCalep – Atlanta, GA
Frails & Wilson – Augusta, GA
Trecker Fritz & Williams
– Honolulu,  HI   (xFoster Web)
Recovery Law Center – Honolulu, HI (xTownsquare Interactive)
The Jasmer Law Firm – Chicago, IL
Munday & Nathan – Chicago, IL  (xLawyerEdge)
Healy Scanlon – Chicago, IL  (Redesign)
Levin Riback Law Group – Chicago, IL
Budin Law Offices – Chicago, IL  (xDCMoguls)
Strong Law – Peoria, IL (Redesign)
Ryan,  Ryan & Landa – Waukegan, IL  (xZola Creative)
Tabor Law – Indianapolis, IN
Christopher Jackson Law – Covington, KY
Scott T. Roby – Louisville, KY (xBluegrass Web Works)
Herren & Adams – Lexington, KY (xJustia)
Olsen & Oliver – Paducah, KY (Redesign)
MGM Attorneys – Baton Rouge, LA (xScorpion)
Perkins & Dupre – Baton Rouge, LA
Schlachman Belsky & Weiner – Baltimore, MD
Harris & Associates – Boston, MA (Redesign)
Lipton Law – Southfield, MI
Mcshane & Brady – Kansas City, MO
Peddicord & Townsend – Kansas City, MO
Griggs Injury Law – Kansas City, MO
Zumbado & Associates – Portsmouth, NH
Nusbaum & Stein – Morris County, NJ
Dimopoulos Injury Law – Las Vegas, NV
Aldrich Law Firm – Las Vegas, NV
Jeffrey I. Amtman – Englewood, NJ  (Redesign)
Cohn Lifland Pearlman – Saddle Brook,  NJ  (xAccel Marketing Solutions)
Law Offices of John Morelli – South Jersey, NJ
Gruccio, Pepper, Desanto & Ruth – Vineland, NJ
Smith Schwartzstein – Morristown, NJ (redesign)
Albert Buzzetti – Bergen County, NJ (Redesign)
Berensen & Associates – Albuquerque, NM  (xScorpion)
Law Office of David C. Chavez– Albuquerque, NM (xKKF Media)
Sanders Law Firm – Albuquerque, NM
Lozner Mastropietro – Brooklyn,  NY
Dell & Dean – Nassau County, NY (xPork Chop Creative)
Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore – New York, NY
William Ricigliano – New York, NY
Alan Friedman – New York, NY
Edelman & Edelman PC – New York, NY
Howard R. Sanders – New York, NY
Jaroslawicz & Jaros – New York, NY   (xZola Creative)
Elefterakis Elefterakis & Panek – New York, NY
Kelner & Kelner – New York, NY  (xEinstein)
Kelly & Meenagh – Poughkeepsie, NY
Davidoff Law – Queens, NY
Braunfotel & Frendel – Rockland County, NY
Mark E. Weinberger – Rockville Center, NY
McCollum & Griggs – Kansas City, MO  (xWebDesignersKC)
Britton Law – Fayetteville, NC (Redesign)
John Drew Warlick – Jacksonville, NC (Redesign)
Ruth Smith Law Firm – Asheville, NC
Rothchild Law Office – Cincinnati, OH (xWhitehardt)
Michael B. Pasternak – Cleveland, OH
The Attkisson Law Firm – Dayton, OH (xMediation.com)
Sandell Law Firm – Dayton, OH
Harris Altman – Toldeo, OH
Cubbon & Associates – Toledo, OH
Matt Swain Law Firm – Norman, OK  (Redesign)
Shelly Law Offices – Doylestown, PA
Del Sole Cavanaugh – Pittsburgh, PA (xScorpion)
Scherline & Associates – Allentown, PA
Seidel Cohen Hof and Reid – Bethlehem, PA (Redesign)
Dorian Goldstein Wisniewski Orchinik – Bensalem, PA (redesign)
Bowen McKenzie & Bowen – Greenville, SC
Axelrod & Associates – Myrtle Beach, SC
Boren Boyd – Jackson, TN
Law Offices of Tony Seton – Johnson City, TN (xMarketJD)
The Myers Firm – Knoxville, TN
Blount Law Firm – Memphis, TN
Green Law Texas – Arlington, TX
The Levine Law Firm – Austin, TX
Gibbins Law Office – Austin, TX – (xLexis)
Begum Law Group – Brownsville,  TX
The Bryant Law Firm – Conroe, TX
Mingledorff Law – Houston, TX (Redesign)
MBA Attorneys – Killeen, TX (Redesign)
Law Office of Roberto Salazar – McAllen, TX (xYP)
Burress Personal Injury – McKinney, TX
Kyle Law Firm – New Braunfels, TX
Dilley Law Firm – San Antonio, TX
The Zimmerman Law Firm – Waco, TX
Gregory P. Lee – Woodlands, TX (Redesign)
Cooney Law Offices – Spokane, WA
Underwood Law Office – Huntington, WV  (xConsultWebs)

First Page Attorney
Frank D. Butler – Pinellas County, FL

Forward Lawyer Marketing
Bracamontes & Vlasak – San Francisco, CA  (xFindLaw)
Beutel Hurst Boleky – Chicago, IL
The Law Offices of John V. O’Connor – Racine, WI (xDigital Media Imaging)

Foster Web Marketing
Law Office of Ben Crittenden – Anchorage, AK
Case Barnett – Costa Mesa, CA
Springs Law Group – Colorado Springs, CO
Browning Law Firm – Fort Walton Beach, FL
The Champion Firm – Atlanta, GA  (xGNGF)
Shannon Law Group – Chicago, IL
Lombardi Law – Des Moines, IA
Keller & Keller – Indiana & NM
Compton Law Firm – Oklahoma City, OK
The Kahn Law Firm – Houston, TX
McGartland Law Firm – Fort Worth, TX
Parker Law Firm – Fort Worth, TX
Swier Law Firm – Avon, SD
Tavss Fletcher – Norfolk, VA

Fuel Web Marketing
Stephen G. Nagle – Austin, TX  (xFindLaw)
Thomas Melton – Birmingham, AL (xFindLaw)
Ellis & Ged – Boca Raton, FL
Boettcher & Wicker – Oklahoma City,  OK (xFindLaw)
Rehm Bennett Moore – Omaha, NE  (xFindLaw)

Get Legal
Law Offices of David J. Karbasian – Cherry Hill, NJ
Bronsnick Law – Essex County, NJ
Mallon & Tranger – Freehold, NJ
Howard Popper – Morris County, NJ
Gregg A. Wisotsky – Parsipanny, NJ
Law Offices of Howard N. Sobel – Voorhees, NJ

Gladiator Law Marketing 
TNK Law – Tucson, AZ
The Stoddard Firm – Atlanta, GA (xFast Presence)

GNGF (Get Noticed Get Found)
Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya – Denver, CO
Levy Law Offices – Cincinnati, OH

Bendall & Mednick – Schenectady, NY
Haugen Moeckel & Bossart – Fargo,  ND  (xFindLaw)
Knight Law firm  – Tulsa, OK  (xFindLaw)

Internet Lava 
Susan Loggans – Chicago, IL (x-Paperstreet)
Matt Horak – Houston, TX

James Publishing
Niblock & Associates – Little Rock, AR
Girgis Law Firm – Encino, CA
Stewart & O’Kula – Los Angeles, CA
Winegar Law – West Palm Beach, FL
McCarthy Rowden & Baker – Decatur, GA
Law Office of Bryan P. Hoeller – Fort Worth, TX
Mila Boyd Law Offices – Vancouver, WA

Juris Digital
Stanger Law – West Hartford, CT  (xFindLaw)
Anthony Ferrante – Brooklyn, NY  (x Avvo)
Tittle & Perlmuter – Cleveland, OH
Flores, Tawney Acosta – El Paso, TX

Green Law Group – San Diego, CA
Champion Law Group, Atlanta, GA
Bill Buchanan – Columbus, GA
Decker Law Group – Albuquerque, NM
Domenic M Recchia – Brooklyn, NY
Robinson & Yablon – New York, NY
Seif & Mcnamee – Cleveland, OH
Hadden Law Firm – Mount Pleasant, SC
Sean Burke  – Seattle, WA

The Reeves Law Firm – Huntsville, AL
Melinda J. Helbock – San Diego, CA
The Zinn Law Firm – San Francisco, CA
The Rubenstein Law Group – San Marcos, CA
Cook Bradford Levy – Boulder, CO
Sean Clayton – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bruce L. Scheiner – Ft. Myers, FL
Garvin Law Firm – Ft. Myers, FL
Nooney & Roberts – Jacksonville, FL (xCreative Web Studio)
The Personal Injury Team – Jacksonville, FL
Bloom & Kinnear – Miami, FL
Slappy & Sadd – Atlanta, GA
Robin Lourie – Atlanta, GA
Therman Law Offices -Schaumburg, IL
Barsumian Law – Evansville, IN
Pistotnik Law – Wichita, KS
Mitcheson Lee – Boston, MA
Kenison Law Office – Manchester,  NH
Kaplan Law – Portland, OR
Oresky & Associates – Bronx, NY  (xGetLegal)
Marc S. Albert – Queens, NY (xDotComLawyerMarketing)
The Cassisi Law Firm  – Queens,  NY
DeFrancisco & Falgianto – Syracuse, NY  (xFindLaw)
Heartland Injury Law – St. Louis, MO
Hawkins Law Firm – Tulsa, OK (xFindLaw)
Tapalian Law – Providence, RI  (EMC Advertising)
Galbreath Law Firm – Abilene, TX
Guest & Gray – Dallas, TX
Rush & Gransee – San Antonio, TX  (xFindLaw)
Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos – San Antonio, TX

Law Father
Debbie Taussig Law – Boulder, CO
Rector Law Firm – Colorado Springs, CO
Aiken & Scoptur – Milwaukee, WI  (xFindLaw)

Law Firm Sites
Neri Law Group – Bradenton, FL
Aronovitz Law – Miami, FL
Smith & Vanture – West Palm Beach, FL 
Goza & Honnold – Kansas City, MO
Bulman Law – Helena, MT
Pickett Dummigan McCall – Portland, OR (xFindLaw)

Lawyer Marketing USA
Nolan Thompson & Leighton – Bloomington, MN
Cell Phone Cancer – Tulsa, OK
Novitzke Gust Sempf – Amery, WI

Brian D. Clark P.C – Huntsville, AL  (xReach Local)
Scott Mitchell Law – Modesto, CA (xScorpion)
Law Offices of Schiller, Kessler & Gomez – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sessions Law Firm – Atlanta, GA
Hadden Firm – Atlanta, GA (xScorpion)
Nemeroff Law Offices – Chicago, IL
Pejic & Dimartino – Michigan City, IN
Hallett Whipple & Weyrens – Portland, ME  (x-FindLaw)
Gilman & Bedigian – Timonium, MD
Wolff & Wolff – St. Louis (xFoster Web)
Mendel Law Firm – Kansas City, MO
Revo Smith Law – Albuquerque,  NM
Ronald C. Burke – New York City,  NY
Mark Wilson – Oklahoma City, OK
Schauermann Thayer Jacobs Staples & Edwards – Vancouver, WA
Mingo & Yankala – Milwaukee, WI  (xLaw Firm Sites)

Legal Communications Group
Floyd Hunter – Montgomery, AL
Freeburn Hamilton – Harrisburg, PA

Legal InSites
Bey & Associates – Atlanta, GA (xDonovan Digital)
Daryl T. Dixon – Paducah, KY
The Law Office of Mike Campbell – Columbia, MO
Welsh & Welsh PC – Omaha, NE (xDex Media)
DBD Law – Charleston, WV (xScorpion)
Urban & Taylor – Milwaukee, WI

Local Marketing, INC.
Cohen & Sinowski – Atlanta, GA

GKD Law – Fayetteville, AR
Prosper Law – Miami, FL
Bennett & Heyman – Baltimore, MD

Powell & Denny – Birmingham, AL (xFindLaw)
Horan & Associates – Phoenix, AZ (xFindLaw)
Blaska Law Firm – Atlanta, GA
King Wade – Atlanta, GA
Curcio Law Offices – Chicago, IL (xLawyer Marketing USA)
Marshall P. Whaley – Merrillville, IN  (xScorpion)
Goldberg Sager – Bronx, NY  (xFindLaw)

Market JD
Herbert Law Firm – Chicago, IL
Cogburn Law – Las Vegas, NV
Mainor & Wirth – Las Vegas, NV
Bradshaw Law LLC – Reno, NV
Matt Sharp – Reno, NV (Redesign)

Matador Solutions
Paul Englander – Phoenix, AZ (xFindLaw)
Lawrence Tarowsky – New York, NY
Richard Banta – Denver, CO
Eric H. Luckman – West Palm Beach, FL (xJustia)
Andrew R. Lynch – Decatur, GA
Bruno Nalu – Orange County,  CA
Johnston Martineau – Des Moines, IA
David & Philpot – Orlando, FL
Lorona Mead – Phoenix, AZ
Butler Tobin – Atlanta, GA
Brent Wieand – Philadelphia, PA (xMajux)

Media Smack
Ramey Law P.C – Los Angeles, CA (xAttorney Marketing Network)
Moss Hovden – Irvine, CA
The Brandi Law Firm – San Francisco, CA
Law Offices of Braid Pezzglia – San Jose, CA
Lampert & Walsh – Denver, CO
Hecht Walker – Atlanta, GA (xSocial Firestarter)
Keefe Law Firm – Red Bank, NJ
Riddle & Brantley – Raleigh, NC

Mile Mark Media
Law Office Minneapolis, MN  
Spencer Morgan Law
 Miami, FL
Kuhn Legal Ft. Myers, FL
Marianne Howinitz – Ocala, FL
D&W Law Group – Chicago, IL
Iamele & Iamele Baltimore, MD

Yearout & Traylor – Birmingham, AL
McGinn Law – Chicago, IL  (xScorpion)

Network Affiliates
Gemma Law Associates – Providence, RI (xConsultWebs)

Next Client 
Kohn Law Firm – Bronx, NY  (xFindLaw)
Kaiman Greene – Los Angeles, CA
Pennell Law – Los Angeles, CA
William Weiss – San Francisco, CA
Gilbert Adams – Beaumont, TX
Davis Saperstein & Salomon – Teaneck, NJ  (xConsult Webs)

Next Level
Allwin Horn – Birmingham, AL
Salter & Ferguson – Birmingham, AL (xFindLaw)
Daniel Chambers Law – Hoover, AL  (xFindLaw)
Richards & Richards – Pittsburgh, PA (xFindLaw)
Berger Lagnese – Pittsburgh, PA
Matzus Law Pittsburgh, PA (xScorpion)
Goodrich & Geist  – Pittsburgh, PA  (xFindLaw)
Quinn Logue – Pittsburgh, PA
Hoyt & Hoyt PC –  Morris County, NJ – (xFindLaw)
Sugarman Law (New Jersey Nursing Home)
Purchase George & Murphy – Erie, PA

Nifty Law
Cluff Law – Phoenix, AZ
John Phillips – Jacksonville, FL  (Redesign)

OBU Interactive
Harlan Law PC – San Diego, CA
The Pride Law Firm – San Diego, CA
Baron Berry – Greensboro,  NC (Redesign)
Pierce Skrabanek – Houston, TX

On The Map
Moebes Law – Atlanta, GA
The Best Firm – Dearborn, MI
Law Offices of Joe Phillips – St. Louis, MO

Winters Salzetta O’Brien – Chicago, IL
Ariano Hardy Ritt – Kane County, IL
Schwartz Injury Law – Orland Park, IL
Bucher Law Group – Waukesha, WI

Page 1 Solutions
Humberto Izquierdo – Atlanta, GA
Portner & Shure – Baltimore, MD  (xFindLaw)
Helton Walker & Noelker  – Danville, KY
Reid B. Wissner  – New York City, NY
Kelleher Firm  – Naples, FL
Williams & Williams – Alpharetta, GA
Taliaferro, Carran & Cowherd – Covington, KY (xFindLaw)
The Shelnutt Law Firm – Gasden, AL
Eisbrouch Marsh LLC  – Bergen County, NJ

Hirsch & Lyon – Phoenix, AZ
Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Gumprecht Law Firm -Kennesaw, GA
Bruera Law – Houston, TX
1800LawFirm National
Sky Law Group – Orange County, CA
Kocian Law Group – Hartford, CT

PMP Marketing
No Sites Released –

Ranking Carolina
Bostic Law Group – Charleston, SC 
The Wigger Law Firm
– Charleston, SC (xFindLaw)
MMVG – Myrtle Beach, SC
Russell B. Long – Myrtle Beach, SC
Murphy Law Firm
– Summerville, SC

Reach Local 
The Ladva Law Firm – San Francisco, CA
Zevin & Rosenbloum – Atlanta, GA

Sawyer Law Firm  – Enterprise, AL
Jaffe Hanle Whisonant & Knight – Birmingham, AL
Hare Wynn  – Birmingham, AL
Wells & Wells Law – Jonesboro, AR (Redesign)
The Potter Law Firm  – Texarkana, AR
Mitchell Law Firm – Bay Area, CA
Law Offices of Max G. Arnold – Chico, CA
Movagar & Yamin – Fresno, CA
McGee & Lerer – Long Beach, CA
Klein DeNatale Goldner San Diego, CA redesign
Mitchell Law Firm – San Jose, CA
Robert J. Kaiser  – Santa Clarita, CA
Mardirossian & Associates Los Angeles, CA
BD&J – Los Angeles, CA (xiLawyermarketing.com)
Kershaw Cook & Talley  – Sacramento, CA  (xMedia Smack)
Carraway Injury Attorneys – Sacramento, CA
Delfino Green & Green San Francisco, CA
Christopher Vader
  – Palm Springs, CA
Herrig & Vogt  – Roseville, CA
Law Offices of Jonathan D. Winters  – Long Beach, CA
Frantz Law Group – San Diego, CA (xFindlaw)
MCIS Lawyers  – Southern California
Klein Frank PC – Boulder,  CO
Dan Caplis Law – Denver,  CO
Jowdy & Jowdy – Danbury, CT (redesign)
The Law Office of Brett Schlacter (Bay Harbor Island, FL)
Ovadia Law Group – Boca Raton, FL
Strems Law – Coral Gables, FL
The Legal Justice Center  – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Florida Legal Group  – Fort Myers, FL
Law Offices of Adam Baron – Coral Springs, FL
Greene & Tischler PA – Cape Coral, FL – redesign
Syfrett, Dykes & Furr  – Panama City, FL
Law Office of Jami Angelini Haggerty – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jackson Law Offices PC – Augusta, GA
Pratt Clay – Atlanta, GA  (Redesign)
The Mabrey Firm – Atlanta, GA (xRowboat Media)
Ross & Pines  – Atlanta, GA (xFindlaw)
Ross Moore II – Atlanta, GA
Citron Law Group – Atlanta, GA
The Casto Law Firm – Columbus, GA  (xOBU Interactive)
Richard D. Hobbs & Associates – Fayetteville, GA
Brooks Law Office – Savannah, GA
Blasingame Burch Garrard Ashley – Athens, GA
Hall & Lampros Atlanta, GA
Bruce Brumley Law – Topeka, KS
Sam C. Mitchell – Collinsville, IL
Theodoros & Rooth  – Merrillville, IN (xJustia)
Lowe Law Group (Multi State)
VGB Law – Shreveport, LA
The Law Offices of Thomas Maronick – Baltimore, MD (xFindLaw)
Wais Vogelstein Forman & Offutt – Baltimore, MD  (xJustia)
McGowan & Cecil – Laurel, MD – (xFindlaw)
Rob Roe – St. Paul, MN
Kobs & Philley  Ridgeland, MS (xJustia)
Richard Schwartz & Associates – Jackson, MS (xUSAttorneys)
Williams Law Group PLLC  – Pascagoula, MS
DiPasquale & Moore Kansas City, MO
Mayer & Rosenberg – Kansas City, MO (xFindLaw)
Sanders Law -Kansas City, MO  (xMedia Smack)
MacPherson Law – Springfield, MO
Bernstein & Poisson – Las Vegas, NV
Joey Gilbert – Reno, NV
Van Dorn, Curtiss & Rousseau – New Hampshire (x Page 1 Solutions)
Law Office of Jeffrey S. Hasson  Bergen County, NJ (xBlack Fin)
Ricci Law Firm – Greenville, NC   (xPage1Solutions)
Hardee & Hardee – Greenville, NC
Crumley Roberts  – North Carolina (xCJ Advertising)
Jason E. Taylor PC Hickory, NC – (xConsultWebs)
Pringle & Herigstad – Minot, ND
Vogel Law Firm North Dakota
Friedman & Simon – Jericho, NY
Dreyer Law Offices PLLC – Newburgh, NY  (xFindLaw)
Dreyer Boyajian – Albany, NY  (xFindLaw)
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin – NYC, NY (xFindLaw)
Levine & Wiss – New York, NY (xTech ACS)
Segal & Lax – New York City, NY) – redesign
Plymale & Dingus – Columbus, OH
Henderson, Mokhtari & Weatherly – Columbus, OH
Martin Jean Jackson – Stillwater, OK
Saint & Watzke – Tulsa, OK
Knafo Law Offices – Allentown, PA
Metzger Wickersham Harrisburg, PA – (xBig VooDoo)
Handler Henning & Rosenberg – Harrisburg, PA (xEMC)
Robert Peirce & Associates – Pittsburgh, PA (xFindLaw)
Kwartler Manus  – Philadelphia, PA
Morris Wilson – Montgomery County, PA)
Traywick Law Office – Charleston, SC
Meade Law Group – Johnson City, TN
Cantrell, Goodge & Associates – Clinton, TN
Lowenberg & Kumar – Austin, TX
Harmonson Law Firm – El Paso, TX
Stern Law Group – McAllen, TX
Janicek Law – San Antonio, TX
Troya Brookover – San Antonio, TX
Sorey Law Firm  – Longview TX  (xModern Firm)
Law Offices of Glen F. Larson  – Austin, TX
Annie McAdams PC – Houston, TX
Lombardi & Russo – Providence, RI
Sands Law Offices – Providence, RI
Kiselica Law Firm – Providence, RI  (xFoster Web)
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Troy Law Firm PLLC  – Charleston, WV – (xFindLaw)
Berger & Brown – Gillette, WY
Jerry Spence Jackson Hole, WY

SLS Consulting
Norton & Norfleet – Kansas City, MO  (X- FindLaw)
Bottlingerlaw LLC – Omaha, NE
Leventhal Puga – Denver, CO
Gibson Singleton – Virginia ??
Rhine Law Firm – Wilmington, NC

Social Firestarter
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Trevino Injury Law – San Antonio

Speakeasy Marketing
Simone & McCahey – Providence RI
Kilham Law – Glendale, AZ
The Law Offices of Jonathan C. Capp – San Diego, CA
Coastal Legal Center – San Diego, CA
Andi’s Law – Cocoa Beach, FL
Law Offices of Marc S. Ward – Frederick, MD
Jimerson Law Firm – St. Louis, MO
Fodera & Long – Philadelphia, PA
Sahn Law Firm – Charleston, SC (xFindLaw)
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Oberg Law Office – Mesquite, TX

Strategic Legal Web
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Townsquare Interactive
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The Modern Firm
Crowson Law Group – Anchorage, AK
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Buddoo & Associates – Atlanta, GA (xHeadline Channel)
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Keith Teague – Elizabeth City, NC
Jacob Fuchsberg – New York City, NY (x-FindLaw)
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Stinson Law Group – Cody, WY

The Search Engine Guys
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Amerio Law Firm – Sacramento, CA
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Todd J. Leonard Law Firm – Bergen County, NJ (xScorpion)
Brunkenhoefer Law – Corpus Christi, TX
Mokaram Law Firm – Houston, TX

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Madalon Law – Miami, FL (xEverconvert)
Eells & Tronvold – Iowa City, IA
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Brian K. Branch – Albuquerque, NM
Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein – New York, NY
Weingrad & Weingrad – New York, NY
George R. Fusner – Nashville, TN
Jardine Law Offices – Salt Lake City, UT

Winston & Cook – Birmingham, AL (xFindLaw)
Staskus Law Firm – San Jose, CA
Bruce A. Dybens – Long Beach, CA
Law Offices of Timothy Gill – San Jose, CA
The Flynn Law Firm – St. Petersburg,  FL
Glaros Law – Tampa, FL  (xReach Local)
Richard D. Gronna – Honolulu, HI
Law Offices of Mark Bergal – Chicago, IL
Christopher Trahan – Lafayette, LA
Shabazz & Associates – Newark, NJ  (xScorpion)
Peter O. Hansen – Portland, OR
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The Law Office of Howard Kornberg – Los Angeles, CA (xFindLaw)
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Hewitt & Salvatore Fayettville, WV  (xPage 1 Solutions)
Randall F. Rogers Atlanta, GA
Simpson Law Group – San Diego, CA  (x Scorpion)
Herman & Herman PC – New York, NY