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New York City Best Personal Injury Wesbites

Today I am showcasing my favorite personal injury designs in the Big Apple.   For my analysis I limited the sites to the 5 boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and…..

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Los Angeles – Top 5 Personal Injury Websites

Los Angeles When it comes to marketing personal injury online, there is no more competitive metro in the country than Los Angeles.  With such a competitive market it is extremely…..

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Inland Empire PI Sites

Today I looked at the best legal websites in the InLand Empire.   The Inland Empire is the 13th largest MSA by population in the United States.   The “IE’ has over 4 million…..

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Best PI Sites in Pittsburgh

 The Steel City features two of the best legal websites I have seen.  The Chafin Luhana site is particularly impressive and definitely worth checking out.  Like most cities, FindLaw has the…..

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Philadelphia Top Personal Injury Sites

Philadelphia is an extremely competitive personal injury market.   There are a lot of beautiful and content rich websites vying for position in the Google SERP.   Here are my favorites: The…..

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New Top Atlanta PI Site

Congrats to the Law firm of Sutton Slover on the release of their redesigned site www.sloverlaw.net .   The new modern design is the class of Atlanta PI sites.   The new site…..

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Top Cleveland Personal Injury Website Designs

In the last 7 years there haven’t been many injury lawyers in Cleveland that were able to resist the charms of Chris Mastriano.   The uber successful Findlaw sales consultant is…..

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Birmingham – Top Personal Injury Designs

Birmingham is one of the top city in the Southeast when it comes to Personal Injury website design.   There are several great looking sites that also rank well in competitive injury…..

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Kansas City Personal Injury Websites

When I went through the personal injury sites in KC I do what I always do, search the phrase “Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer”.   I then view and catalog every site –…..

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Atlanta PI Websites

I was surprised by the injury websites I found in Atlanta.  The first five pages of results for “Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney” were filled with dated and uninspiring designs.  I…..