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iLawyermarketing Releases New Template Websites

iLawyermarketing, long known as one of the premier design companies for custom legal websites, recently unveiled a new Template website option.   The more affordable option now gives attorneys with…..

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California College Crimes Rate

A San Diego criminal lawyer is getting a lot of attention today – thanks to a really good piece of content.  George Gedulin recently posted a piece that ranked the…..

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College Graduate Cost of Living Estimator

The Los Angeles law firm of Weintraub and Selth recently unveiled an awesome piece of interactive content.   The firm built a very cool tool that is a must see…..

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Roundabouts or Intersections

The Brannon Law Firm in Dayton OH recently released a BLOG post ranking the 100 most dangerous intersections in Ohio.   The list of intersections with the most accidents is…..

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Best PI Sites in New Jersey

New Jersey Personal Injury Sites In preparation for the New jersey Trial Lawyers Convention next week in Atlantic City – I thought I would prepare by reviewing the best PI…..

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The Dangers of Shopping Carts

The Philadelphia Law firm of Rosenbaum & Associates just launched a very compelling piece of content on the dangers of placing your kid in a shopping cart.   The interactive…..

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Marijuana Tweet Map

The Scharff Law Firm, a criminal defense firm in Raleigh NC, just released a Marijuana real time tweet map and its getting a lot of attention.  The map features a…..

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Where are the cheaters?

And why doesn’t anyone seem to care?  These are some of the questions a Phoenix Family Law Firm set out to answer recently.   Using the hacked data from the…..

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Examples of Great Content

For a long time the consensus in internet marketing was to keep your content short.   It was thought that readers, and therefore Google,  liked no more than 300-400 words on…..

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New York City Best Personal Injury Wesbites

Today I am showcasing my favorite personal injury designs in the Big Apple.   For my analysis I limited the sites to the 5 boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and…..