Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Cost of Design

Monday, October 20, 2014

Penguin 3.0 Released

If you woke up to see your site has disappeared from the Google SERP - your site was likely affected  by the most recent Penguin Update,     So far there have been 3 major Penguin rollouts along with several updates.  

April 24, 2012 - First Penguin Update is unleashed
May 22, 2013  - Penguin 2.0
October 2013 - Penguin 2.1
October 17, 2014 - Penguin 3.0

Each update was intended to reduce the amount of web spam, by penalizing webmasters who used manipulative or spammy SEO techniques.   Websites that had lots of inbound links from low quality directories or article farms were targeted, as were sites that had an over abundance of exact match keyword anchor text.   Hint, if your site has hundreds of links that say "Los Angeles Personal Injury lawyer" - your link profile is not very natural looking.

In a previous post I showed an example of client whose link profile got him penalized after a web 2.1.   Their previous SEO company had engaged in very spammy link practices and overnight they went from the first page to the eighth page for all of their most competitive keywords. (Phoenix Estate planning Firm)  The sheer number of bad links made continuing on the same URL impossible, so we started over.   In late March we launched their new site on a new domain - www.gormanandjoneslaw.com .    Now thanks to great content like this - they have attracted an impressive amount of quality natural links and are now back on top of the Google SERP for most competitive phrases.

The lesson here is that you can definitely come back from these penalties if you do SEO the right way.

William D. Black

Congrats to Phoenix attorney Bill Black on the release of his exceptional new website from ilawyermarketing.    The new site, www.billblacklawfirm.com  is divided into 4 distinct sections, Personal Injury, Business Law, Probate Litigation and Commercial Litigation.   Each section has its own distinct navigation, giving the user the perception of focus.    The design features some outstanding photography of Bill and his firm.   

The new site comes at a good time as the firm just moved into their new upscale Phoenix offices at 3200 N. Central Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cape May NJ Estate Planning Law Firm

Congrats to attorney Jeffrey Barnes on the release of his new website
http://www.jeffreybarneslaw.com   Incredibly this is the very first website client for ilawyermarketing in New Jersey!    Jeffrey handles estate planning, probate administration and real estate law.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Enholm Salekin Launches New Site

Phoenix Family Lawyers

Congrats to the Phoenix Law Firm of Enholm Salekin on the release of their website - www.eslawaz.com .    Enholm Salekin is a general practice firm in Phoenix Arizona. The firm concentrates in the areas of bankruptcy, family law, criminal law and DUI.   The new site incorporates 5 distinct folders that correlate to their main practice areas.   Lead family attorney, Angela Enholm does a really nice job with her videos.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Legal Website Ever?

Arizona Insurance Law Website Sets High Bar

I have been evaluating legal websites for the past ten years.   When I was with FindLaw,  I kept up several legal design BLOGs as a way to catalog the work of specific designers.   Each week I would pore through 40-50 newly released custom sites and I would post the best in my BLOGs.  While there was some very talented designers at FindLaw, the level of design quality at iLawyermarketing is at a completely different level.   No where is that more evident than with the release of Charlie Surrano's new site  www.surranoinsurancebadfaith.com

This is an incredible website that I am sure will be considered for some national website awards.

The website is highlighted by some incredible photography which was done by ilawyermarketing's own photographer.  For the main home page image, the designer did a wonderful job of incorporating Charlie's tie color and the bright green couches to create the site's beautiful color palette.  The entire site gives off a very sophisticated and high end feel.   This was intentional.  An insurance bad faith lawyer is constantly doing battle against large insurance companies with unlimited resources - a potential client needs to feel comfortable that his attorney has the resources and ability to take on these massive companies.

My favorite part of the site is the video.   Particularly the firm overview video which is prominently featured on the home page.   Without exaggeration, it is the best attorney video I have ever seen.   The video was shot on location in his office and features his attractive staff and a cameo by Charlie's son.   When you scroll down on the home page you will see how the programmers have used video clips as the background of the site.   This is an amazing legal website.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

NFL Crimes By Position

NFL Crimes By Position:

With all the news recently about Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Kevin Hardy and the problem of domestic violence in the NFL, High Rank Websites released a helpful interactive infographic on the subject.   This is quite cool.   It tracks all of the crimes committed by NFL players since 2000.  You can sort by team - (Minnesota has had lots of problems well before Adrian Peterson), by position, and by types of crime.