Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Craig Orent Releases New Site

One of the most helpful resources in Phoenix for criminal law matters is Craig Orent.   Over the last few years, Craig has answered close to 1300 legal questions in AVVO.   Of course its helpful when you know the answers.  Craig is a certified specialist in criminal law, is AV rated, and has been honored as a top 100 criminal defense lawyer by both the American Society of Legal Advocates and the National Trial Lawyers Association.  Today ilawyermarketing is honored to release Craig's new website;     The new site highlights Craig's incredible record, including lots of client testimonials and case results.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Groundbreaking New Legal Site

When your firm has received over $700 million in verdicts and settlements in the last 5 years alone, its important that your website stands out.   The new site for Panish Shea & Boyle LLP  does just that.   The new site features a dynamic video of the office and attorneys - that doubles as the design of the site.    As you scroll down, B Roll from their video, serves as the background of the website.   This gives the site a very cool, almost 3-D look to it.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Doc Gooden Stops by the Wininger Law Office

That is Doc Gooden with Birmingham personal injury attorney, David Wininger.   "Dr K" was in town to check out the Rickwood Classic, a minor league baseball game that celebrates old time baseball.  While he is most known for being a NY Met, he did get a ring with the Yankees in 2000 so it makes sense he is hanging out with Alabama's number 1 Yankee fan, David Wininger.    Here is a link to David's impressive Yankee Mural - 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bouzas & Owens - Tampa Employment Lawyers

Congrats to the Tampa Employment Law Firm of Bouzas & Owens on the release of their new website:     The firm handles employment cases for plaintiffs throughout central Florida, having offices in both Tampa and Orlando.   The site is extremely clean and professional looking.   The site also features a new logo for the firm.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Schenectedy NY - Number #1 in Crime

An Albany criminal attorney, Matthew Hug, just released a very cool interactive map.   The map shows the crime statistics for every county in New York State.   If you put your mouse on a county, it will show that State's ranking for overall crime along with the number of violent crimes, property crimes and Total Crimes.

If you know someone moving to the Empire State - you may want to share this with them.

Pat Greenwell Launches New Site

Congrats to Bankruptcy lawyer, Pat Greenwell, on the release of his new website:   The new site features a very cool section that highlights many of the famous people that have gone bankrupt along with the top 15 bankruptcy myths.   Pat has offices in both Sonora and Modesto California.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Panda 4.0 and the Ghost Written Legal BLOG

One of the great SEO myths being propagated these days is the need for ever increasing amounts of  CONTENT.   Lawyers are told no amount of content is ever enough and that you need to continue to add content frequently to stay relevant in the search results.   This type of thinking leads to the creation of useless pages like "Garage Door Accidents" and ridiculous BLOG ghost writing programs, that are often just rehashing of AP articles on current events.   Far from enhancing the user experience this kind of high bounce rate content hurts the user experience and clutters the Internet.

Panda 4.0 takes issue with poor quality content.   Just look at this BLOG   This is a simple rehashing of accident reports.  There is no point of view and no value for a user.   Who would ever bookmark this BLOG and come back to it?   It was there only to manipulate Google - to fool Google into thinking this site was churning out fresh, relevant content.  While not identical, the spun content on the site is virtually the same as hundreds of other sites.   Panda 4.0 proved that spun content like this will not be tolerated anymore.  

BLOGs like this has become the new 'easy button' for many SEO companies.   Just like adding thousands of links used to be, adding spun content or BLOG posts like this is very cheap.  I see lawyers and companies routinely outsource BLOG posts for less than 15 dollars a post.   Besides making a lot of money on these programs, adding cheap BLOGs is useful for SEO companies in that helps to artificially inflate the amount of traffic to your site - helpful when your sites aren't ranking.  Finally, adding BLOG posts is a measurable, task driven endeavor that helps to justify their value.

In the old days SEO companies could justify their worth by showing the client how many links they were adding every month.  While this may have helped in the old days with SEO, when Penguin rolled around, it didnt help that your link profile showed a systematic pattern of adding links overtime.   A poorly written ghost written BLOG program, in which a writer adds the same type of 300-400 word post 4x a week, carries the same risk in my opinion.

Even today I run into prospects who after talking with other SEO companies, ask me how many links we are adding, how many social media posts, how many BLOG posts...etc...   This paradigm needs to change.