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West Virginia – Best Lawyer Websites

In every State I have profiled, FindLaw has enjoyed at least a 8:1 advantage over Lexis in terms of active websites.  Not so in West Virginia.   While still dominant the lead is closer…..

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Top 5 Legal Designs – South Dakota

South Dakota As expected for such a small population state, the pickings were a bit slim for great looking legal design.   That said the Goodsell Quinn site is quite good and…..

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Delaware Best Legal Website Designs

The “First State” is definitely not the first state when it comes to legal website design.  The large majority of legal sites are from FindLaw and given the general lack…..

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Top Cleveland Personal Injury Website Designs

In the last 7 years there haven’t been many injury lawyers in Cleveland that were able to resist the charms of Chris Mastriano.   The uber successful Findlaw sales consultant is…..

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Birmingham – Top Personal Injury Designs

Birmingham is one of the top city in the Southeast when it comes to Personal Injury website design.   There are several great looking sites that also rank well in competitive injury…..