Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Legal Website Ever?

Arizona Insurance Law Website Sets High Bar

I have been evaluating legal websites for the past ten years.   When I was with FindLaw,  I kept up several legal design BLOGs as a way to catalog the work of specific designers.   Each week I would pore through 40-50 newly released custom sites and I would post the best in my BLOGs.  While there was some very talented designers at FindLaw, the level of design quality at iLawyermarketing is at a completely different level.   No where is that more evident than with the release of Charlie Surrano's new site

This is an incredible website that I am sure will be considered for some national website awards.

The website is highlighted by some incredible photography which was done by ilawyermarketing's own photographer.  For the main home page image, the designer did a wonderful job of incorporating Charlie's tie color and the bright green couches to create the site's beautiful color palette.  The entire site gives off a very sophisticated and high end feel.   This was intentional.  An insurance bad faith lawyer is constantly doing battle against large insurance companies with unlimited resources - a potential client needs to feel comfortable that his attorney has the resources and ability to take on these massive companies.

My favorite part of the site is the video.   Particularly the firm overview video which is prominently featured on the home page.   Without exaggeration, it is the best attorney video I have ever seen.   The video was shot on location in his office and features his attractive staff and a cameo by Charlie's son.   When you scroll down on the home page you will see how the programmers have used video clips as the background of the site.   This is an amazing legal website.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

NFL Crimes By Position

NFL Crimes By Position:

With all the news recently about Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Kevin Hardy and the problem of domestic violence in the NFL, High Rank Websites released a helpful interactive infographic on the subject.   This is quite cool.   It tracks all of the crimes committed by NFL players since 2000.  You can sort by team - (Minnesota has had lots of problems well before Adrian Peterson), by position, and by types of crime.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Craig Knapp Relaunches on a New Domain

New Domain Launch

Congrats to Craig Knapp on the release of his new website and domain  This site replaces his old URL .    For many years Craig enjoyed a dominant web presence for personal injury in Arizona and Phoenix.   Unfortunately his former SEO provider had used a number of SEO tactics that were against Google guidelines.   Most of the 20,000 links pointing to his old domain were poor quality links used only to manipulate the search results.   While there was a time where those links helped him, these days those links are toxic - negatively impacting the search algorithm.   Even if Craig was ranking for some phrases now, there is no doubt that one of the future Google Penguin updates would have affected him.

Starting over on a clean domain allows the firm to start fresh.   From now on, only quality, naturally occurring links will be added to his site.   Hopefully this will translate into strong ranking for his new site.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Michie Hamlett - Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Trial Law Firm launched Website

Congrats to the Michie Hamlett Law firm on the release of their new website:  The new site contains some very cool features.   One innovation is the attorney BIOs, Instead of a standard page of code that can be difficult to change for a non-programmer, the site incorporates custom editable fields - allowing attorneys to make edits to their bios by themselves.

Another cool feature is how the site is separated into three distinct areas:  Personal Injury, Consumer, and Personal Services.   This means that if a searcher lands on a personal injury page - the site acts like a focused personal injury website - giving the searcher the impression of focus and should boost conversion.

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Medical Malpractice Site

Congrats to Knapp & Roberts on the release of their new focused medical malpractice website:    Led by Craig Knapp, the Scottsdale and Phoenix based firm handles serious medical malpractice claims throughout the State of Arizona.    The firm previously had a medical malpractice site hosted by a well known legal website company.   Unfortunately, due to their linking practices - the old domain was badly penalized and the firm was forced to relaunch on this new URL with all new content.   The good news is that clean domains with great content and quality links - (what Google looks for) are ranking much sooner these days.   I wrote a post about this last November.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Very Cool Insurance Defense/Corporate Law Site

Historically,  iLawyermarketing has not built many corporate/insurance defense websites.   One reason is that these firms tend not to need search engine optimization (SEO).   Insurance companies tend to hire law firms based on reputation or existing relationships.  

But when SEO is not a driving requirement, it does 'free' our designers to get very creative - since they no longer have to fit in lots of content on the home page.   This is what happened with the new site for Stutz Artiano Shinoff and Holtz - a Southern California civil litigation firm.   The home page features a series of 6 compelling photos and bold taglines to describe the firm.   It definitely gives the firm a very modern and sophisticated feel.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pigeon Update

Google launched yet another major shakeup with what many are calling the "Pigeon Update".   The update focused on the algorithm that governs the map results or 7 pack .

The Pigeon update made organic SEO signals a bigger part of the map algorithm.   Thus a lawyer that had a strong organic presence but not a strong map presence, will now have a much better chance of showing up in the maps.   Conversely, someone who had a strong map presence, but a weak organic presence likely saw a drop in the map rankings.   For example in San Diego had been the top ranked organic result for some time for "San Diego Family Lawyer" yet had never been featured in the maps.   After Pigeon, she is now the top result in the maps as well.

Here is a nother great example.   In Nashville, our client Phillip Miller had the top ranked site for "Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer" in the organic results and was never featured in the maps.  Now, after Pigeon,  he is also number one in the maps as well.

This of course is a further blow to anyone who engaged in bad link practices.   For many clients hurt by Penguin, their continued strong map presence was often their saving grace.  But this is very good news for any attorney who is engaged in quality SEO practices.